The word Baang was derived from the name of an old man “Bawaan”, the captain (Kabahilya) during the Spanish time. The Spaniards pronounced it as Baan. As the years passed, the people who settled in the area finally called the place Baang.

Geographical Location
Barangay Baang is located in the Province of Ifugao and one of the well-known barangays of Hungduan. Situated at the east of its mother town, it is about nine (9) kilometers away from Poblacion, Hungduan and sixteen (16) kilometers away from the municipality of Banaue. From the national road of barangay Hapao, its neighboring barangay, the barangay Hall of barangay Baang can be reached thru hiking for about 15-20 minutes. It is bounded on the north by barangay Nungulunan, on the south by barangay Poblacion, on the east by barangay Hapao and on the west is a part of the neighboring province, the municipality of Sabangan, Mountain Province.
Barangay Baang, together with the whole of Hungduan, is one of the inscribed heritage sites of the province. It has a total land area of 2,928 hectares, representing 12.78% of the 22, 911 hectares of the whole area of Hungduan.


Adonah Botwagan Godde Mondalyong Pikdonah
Andop-ah Boy-angan Gohhang Nagawwa Puhpuh
Ayutong Buhucan Howang Nayobba Tano
Baang Proper Bungubung Kapih Nungay-e Tinangaan
Bag-ungan Cawayan Kiambututan Ob-ob Wa-oy
Bakdangan Culindappan Kihagad Pah-adan  Botak
Bangi Dayandi Kihdog Pammayo  Duplingit
Bannawol Dayucung Liblibot Pattugoy  Mammangan
Bannong Dotal Litaggang Patuking  Pidipid

Quick Facts:

Population: 935 (NSO 2010)

No. of Household: 159 (CBMS)

Attractions: Baang Rice Terraces

Lippot Stone

Balen Tunguk Waterfalls