Geographical Location

The barangay is located at the southernmost portion of the municipality. It is bounded in the East and South by the municipality of Kiangan, in the North by Barangay Bangbang and Poblacion and in the West by Barangay Abatan and the Municipality of Tinoc. It has a total land area of 2,416 hectares which is approximately eleven (11%) percent of the total municipal land area and the 5th largest barangay. Further, it is divided into twenty eight (28) sitios and three (3) puroks.


Banggot Dupit Magulon Punganghaan
Bila Kabahugan Malanggot Tabangawon
Bilid Kabulhiyan Nalagitan Tong-ab
Binatug Kalu-ung Numpahiw Tulul
Bokoh Kammalin Nunggawa Tungabon
Dopla Latbang Pakawol Ungol
Dotal Madlang Pinalahan Wadwad

Political History

The barangay was a part of the old municipality of Kiangan in 1805 during the time of Lt. Governor Jeff Galman of the American Army. On provision of Executive Order No. 6 series of 1921, Hungduan was created out of Kiangan to become a municipal district. After World War II, on June 25, 1963, under E.O. No. 42, Maggok became one of the fifteen regular barangays of the municipality. When Tinoc was created out of Hungduan under E. O. No. 184, Maggok was one of the four barangays which remained under the municipality.

List of Political Leaders

Name Position Inclusive Year
Ramon Bumohya Jr. Barangay Captain (elected) 2013-present
Benjamin Nahpadan Barangay Captain (elected) 2001-2013
Paul Camhol Sr. Barangay Captain (elected) 1997-2001
Jose Hangdaan Sr. Barangay Captain 1988-1997
Rosalia Dulnuan Barangay Captain (designated) 1986-1988
Domingo Tumitit Barangay Captain 1982-1986
John Gumidli Barangay Captain (consensus) 1980-1982
Pershing Dulnuan Barangay Captain (designate) 1979-1980
Nagopdan Binwag Barangay Captain 1972-1979
Rafael Dulawan Sr. Barangay Lieutenant 1968-1972
Raymundo Dulnuan Sr. Barangay Lieutenant 1964-1968
Pedro Longdahon Barangay Lieutenant 1962-1964

source: Barangay data

Quick Facts:

Population:  636 (NSO 2010)

No. of Household:  108 (CBMS 2012)

Attractions: Mumbungug Water falls

   Maggok Bedrock