• The word Baang was derived from the name of an old man “Bawaan”, the captain (Kabahilya) during the Spanish time. The Spaniards pronounced it as Baan. As the years passed, the people who settled in the area finally called the place Baang.
  • The first settler in the area was the “Tuwali tribe”. This tribe came from the neighboring town and settled along the Dayandi River and proper Baang. As years passed, the people settled along the slopes of mountains in the area.
  • The place can be traced as far as 1918 when the Ifugao political administrative division consisted of the municipalities of Kiangan, Banue and Mayoyao. The areas of Hapao, Nungulunan, Bokiawan and Lubuong were the territorial boundary of Banaue. The place Baang was then a part of Hapao.
  • It has been a long time that Baang was under Barangay Hapao. It was only in June 10, 1990 that Baang was separated from Hapao and was created as a barangay thru Municipal Resolution No. 29 dated April 5, 1989. The political leaders are as follows:

Past and Present Barangay Executive

Name Position Inclusive Year
Hon. Manuel Liwliwa Barangay Chairperson 1990-1994 (Appointed);

1994-1997 (Elected)

1997-2002 (Elected)

Hon. Donato Bitta-ol Barangay Captain 2002-2005 (Elected)
2005-2007 (Elected)
Hon. Berta Binumho Punong Barangay 2007-2010 (Elected)
Hon. Armando Bimmohya Punong Barangay 2010-2013 (Elected)

2013-present (Elected)