• The word “BOKIAWAN” is derived from the root word “BOKYA” meaning a meeting place”. Punbokyawan” means, a place where two rivers meet. The river flowing down from the mountains of Lubu-ong and the river coming from Hapao meet in this place so they named it as “bokyawan”. In due time, the whole place was named Bokiawan.

• Barangay Bokiawan together with Hapao, Lubu ong and Nungulunan were formerly under the municipality of Banaue. The four barangays were only transferred to Hungduan by virtue of Batas Pambansa bilang 327 dated January 19, 1983. The first elected Barangay Captain when it was under Banaue was Mr. Emilio Hagay. When it was separated from Banue, Mr. Guiniling Pumihic partly served as the Barangay Captain. Refer to Table 1 for the past and present Chief Executives of the barangay.

Past and Present Barangay Executive

Name of Barangay Executive Position Year of Tenure Remarks
Emilio Hagay Tenyente del Bario Under Banaue
Luiz Culhi Barangay Captain 1964 Under Banaue
Angiwan Bimmahot Barangay Captain Under Banaue
Pumihic Guiniling Barangay Captain Partly under Banaue
Joseph Buyagao Barangay Captain April 1989-1997 Under Hungduan
Roberto Cayong Barangay Captain 1997- November 2007 under Hungduan
Joseph Buyagao Barangay Captain December 2007-November 30, 2010 under Hungduan
Mario Pugong Barangay Captain December 1,2010-November 30, 2013 Under Hungduan
Joseph Buyagao Barangay Captain December 1, 2013-Present Under Hungduan