• The barangay’s name was coined from the word “nahapu” meaning formed or shaped. During the early times, wood carving is the main livelihood of the people. When an American tourist happens to visit the place, he saw a villager carving and beside him were some of his unfinished items. The tourist asked the villager what are those carvings beside him. Since the villager did not understand, he just answered “nahapu” meaning the carvings were formed but not finished. Later, when the visitor went to other places and was asked what he discovered in the village, he repeated the words “nahapu”. From then on, the village was known as the village where there is “na hapu”. This was shortened to Hapu. When the village was established as a barangay, the Hapu was spelled HAPAO.

• Barangay Hapao was once part of the municipality of Banaue. It became a part of the municipality of Hungduan in 1983 under Batas Pambansa Bilang 327 with Barangay Bokiawan, Nungulunan and Lubuong. The barangay is also considered the mother barangay of Barangay Baang. The following are the barangay’s political leaders:

Past and Present Barangay Executive

Name Year Remarks
Bawaan Spanish Regime
Wakit During WWII
Victor Himmiwat
Luiz Culhi
Nemesio In-uyay Under Banaue
Alfredo Yogyog Under Banaue
Jose Balenga Sr. 1971-1972 Under Banaue
Fortunato Yogyog 1972-1973 Under Banaue
Rosita Gano 1973-1979 Under Banaue
Manuel Dumulag 1979-1984 Under Hungduan
Antonio Bumangabang 1984-1989 Under Hungduan
Norberto Gaddang 1989-2002 Under Hungduan
Jose Pocdihon 2002-2010 Under Hungduan
Ramon Gayadang Sr. 2010-Up to Present Under Hungduan