• The name of the barangay was derived from the root word “gulun” which is a local term for cogon. It was named after this grass, since the place before was thickly covered with cogon. This type of grass was widely used before by the people in roofing their houses.

• Barangay Nungulunan then was part of Hapao, which is one of the barangays of the Municipality of Banaue. It was in the year 1923 that Executive Order No. 33 made Hungduan a municipal district, but the barangays of Hapao, Bokiawan, Lubuong and Nungulunan were still under the municipality of Banaue.

• Under the Batas Pambansa Bilang 327 dated January 19, 1983, the barangay of Hapao, Bokiawan, Lubuong and Nungulunan out of Banaue were transferred to Hungduan. This now marks the inclusion of Barangay Nungulunan as part of the Municipality of Hungduan, Ifugao.

Past and Present Barangay Executive

Name Position Inclusive Year
Enrique Buhol Barangay Captain (Under Hungduan) 1967-1970
Gano Napadawan Barangay Captain (Under Hungduan) 1970-1980
Alberto Patoc Sr. Barangay Captain (Under Hungduan) 1980-1988
Lourdes M. Pulig Barangay Captain (Under Hungduan) 1988-1994
Felimon B. Ananayo Barangay Captain (Under Hungduan) 1994-2002
Nardo B. Pulig Barangay Captain (Under Hungduan) 2002-2007
Abdul M. Mang-uhan Barangay Captain (Under Hungduan) July 2007-Nov. 2010
Rodolfo M. Dong-e Barangay Captain (Under Hungduan) Nov.2010- Present